Michael McColl

What did it mean to you to be in a western?

Not much… just fulfillment of a lifelong DREAM. I grew up on westerns or at least western-themed tv-shows. Some favorites include: The Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Big Valley and The Wild Wild West. I was born to play a cowboy. That’s all.

What interested you most in your character? Could be in the script or implied.

The copperhead boots and the black hat. And the kick-ass gators. And the gun. But mainly the boots. Seriously, I love that my character helps people of the wild west figure things out and get along. It was always high drama and high stakes between the cowboy and the Indian. As the second of four kids and the official “wild” one, I have always enjoyed a good negotiation.

What was your biggest challenge/ challenges? Wardrobe? TJ? Leather pants?

Wait… Who wore leather pants?  Anyway, my horse TJ was incredible… just the best horse in the world… as long as you were riding him on a trail with no one around. Bring in all the moving parts of a film set and he was in a word, skittish. But, I still love him. At the same time I have a new found respect for true “movie” horses that can put up with cameras, boom mics, loudmouth directors and clapping slates all day. I wouldn’t trade TJ for five of these carney horses but I do admire their discipline.

The only other challenge I can think of was choosing my breakfast sandwich and smoothie…they were all so damn good!

Hang on… I just remembered one that really chaffed my hide… I couldn’t figure out how to get in the Aston Martin (transpo car) with my cowboy hat on every morning… suuumbiiiitches!!!

How was shooting in Carmel?

I’ve heard of heaven and hope to see it someday… until then, there’s Carmel.

This was one of the best experiences of my life. I wish every actor (or at least the really good ones) could have something like this happen to them. Just not with the Phillips bros, they’re mine… seriously… back off.

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