Graham Phillips

Did you always see yourself playing the boy?

No, actually Parker and I had cast another actor for the role as we both wanted to be behind camera but unfortunately that actor had to drop out a few days before the shoot and so I needed to step in. Luckily because we wrote the script, it wasn’t too tough. The words were already in my head.

What interested you about the boy?

I loved the boy’s relentlessness. His willingness do anything for the Indians daughter. He’s also been very sick leading up to this negotiation. This is probably the first day he’s been out of bed for a week. To play a character under that kind of duress was fun, probably why one of my favorite characters from westerns is Doc Holiday.

How was it directing and acting in the film?

Luckily I always had Parker behind the camera so I knew we were getting what we need because we had such parallel visions. It was also nice to be able to direct mike on the scenes we had together. That’s a very unique experience to be acting with someone you are also directing once the take is over. Mike took it all very well. He made one hell of a mediator. While shooting the scenes with Mike and Darrett, Parker and I were both able to be behind the camera. We gave them the direction they needed. Both those guys are legends. Unbelievable.

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