Darrett Sanders

What attracted you to The Mediator?

As an actor it is one of those bucket list projects: Western, War film, Space.

I have always loved being around horses and riding one as a character in a story is very exciting. The costumes, the guns, the landscapes. I have always wanted to be in a western. Westerns are uniquely an American story too. It has always been one of my favorite genres.

What interested you most in your character?

I like the way native people communicate. The economy and spirit of their language. Direct and without embellishment. The character I play is strong and commands your attention. He uses his silence and his stare with great effect. The rage he feels towards the boy is contained and simmering. I wanted him to be mysterious. I was excited by the barroom fight and the way he deals out justice.

What were some of the challenges you faced?

My hair. I had extensions which were perfect for the character but impractical for daily living. I became aware of what it was like for women with long hair. The extension were only partial as well so I had to wear a hat when I went out into public.

On set my biggest challenge was keeping my horse, Jose Cuervo, happy during shooting. He did a great job being calm around the camera, crane and crew but in between takes he did not want to stand in place waiting. In that way we are a lot a like. In between takes we would walk around till they were ready for us. The challenge was getting him back on the exact marks from before. I found that the stillness in my character helped him be calm which was a great mix.

How was shooting in Carmel?

The Preserve where we shot was breathtaking and a real pleasure to work on. Everywhere you look you are filled with beauty and striking imagery. The perfect backdrop for this story. I definitely want to spend more time in this part of California.

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