Carsten Kurpanek

What drew you to work on “The Mediator”?

I really liked the script. A good script is everything and the main reason to take on a project. I’m also a big fan of the genre. I remember watching “High Noon” and “The Magnificent Seven” with my dad when I was little. Also, the footage was gorgeous.

What is your job as an editor especially on a short like this?

You assemble the first edit of the piece, selecting what you perceive to be the best takes, and trying to honor the directors’ vision as much as you can. Then you collaborate with the director(s) to adjust the edit so they are 100% happy. I also spend a lot of time with sound and temp music. It’s important to me that an edit looks and sounds as polished as possible before I present it.

On smaller projects like this the editor often also takes on the hat of the post-supervisor and doing assistant editor tasks. I was helping finding creative talent for sound and vfx and turned over whatever was necessary to the other departments working on finishing the project.

Do you cut to music?

Not unless I’m editing a music video or a montage piece that doesn’t have sound. I try to make the scene work without score first and then look at it and decide whether there are moments that could be enhanced by adding score.

What was your biggest obstacle you came across in the editing room?

The Mediator was actually a breeze to work on. We had a first edit in a little over 3 days and a semi-locked edit after 5. Everyone knew what they wanted and we all were creatively on the same wave length. It’s was best kind of creative environment to work in. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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